2016 Winners


Self Portrait#TheSoulDeepSeries
Dimond Gooden, Business Administration, 2016

The Soul Deep Series is an artistic photography series that challenges its audience to look passed the superficial visual clutter in order to see a person for who they are, flaws and all. See more of the series at vivid-imagery.com/thesouldeepseries

Drawing and Painting

Filler Series
Mark Rockwood, Mechanical Engineering major, undergraduate student, 2019




Cubic Vase
Joshua Terry, Computational Media, undergraduate student, 2019



Film/Graphic Art/Code-based Art 

Partially Assembled
Ronnie Gross, Industrial Design, undergraduate student, 2017 



Poetry/Prose/Spoken Word - Performed

Dream Free.... Free Dreams
Kehinde Alonge, Civil Engineering, undergraduate student, 2016 


Poetry/Prose/Spoken Word - Written

The Counterfeit Truth
Zara Albright, International Affairs and Modern Language, undergraduate student, 2019 


Music/Performing Arts

Fish in the Woods
Zujia Huang, Aerospace Engineering, undergraduate student, 2017 



People’s Choice

Together We Swarm
Chenyang (Randy) Liang, Mechanical Engineering major, undergraduate student, 2017

Although victory seems far a target, we defy all odds . Acclaimed “Miracle on Techwood Drive”, the Austin Brothers send the audience buzzing to a wild uproar as they swarmed the end zone, in this incarnation of unity.